Explore Seoul like a local with a customized private tour, uncovering hidden gems and popular attractions that only a true local would know. A knowledgeable guide tailors the tour to individual interests and preferences, sharing insider tips and behind-the-scenes knowledge to uncover the real Seoul. With ultimate flexibility, set the pace and focus of the tour to discover authentic charm away from crowds and tourist traps. And as you wander through Seoul’s streets, get ready to uncover more secrets and surprises that only a local can reveal…

Just The Basics

Seoul Like a Local: Customized Private Tour - Just The Basics

• Explore Seoul’s hidden gems and popular attractions with a knowledgeable local guide on a customized private walking tour.
• Get insider tips and behind-the-scenes knowledge to uncover the real Seoul, tailored to your unique interests and preferences.
• Enjoy the ultimate flexibility, setting the pace and focus of the tour, with a local expert leading the way.
• Meet at a convenient location and time, with optional hotel pickup, for a seamless and personalized experience.
• Take memorable photos and ask questions along the way, with a 5-star rated guide sharing hidden gems and insider tips.

Tour Highlights and Features

Seoul Like a Local: Customized Private Tour - Tour Highlights and Features

With a customized private walking tour, explore Seoul’s hidden gems and popular attractions, tailored to your unique interests and preferences, alongside a knowledgeable local guide.

Get ready to discover the city’s authentic charm, away from the crowds and tourist traps.

This private tour offers the ultimate flexibility, allowing you to set the pace and focus on the aspects of Seoul that fascinate you the most.

Whether you’re a foodie, history buff, or shopaholic, your local guide will ensure a personalized experience that exceeds your expectations.

With insider tips and behind-the-scenes knowledge, you’ll uncover the real Seoul, beyond the guidebooks and tourist brochures.

What to Expect on Tour

As you embark on this customized adventure, your local guide will lead you through a carefully curated itinerary that balances must-see landmarks with off-the-beaten-path discoveries, ensuring a truly immersive Seoul experience.

From hidden gems to popular attractions, your guide will share insider knowledge and fascinating stories about the city’s history, culture, and daily life.

Expert guidance from a local who knows Seoul like the back of their hand.

A personalized itinerary tailored to your interests and preferences.

Behind-the-scenes access to unique neighborhoods and hidden gems.

Insights into Seoul’s rich history, culture, and daily life.

Plenty of opportunities to ask questions and take memorable photos.

Meeting and Getting Started

Seoul Like a Local: Customized Private Tour - Meeting and Getting Started

By 9:00 AM, your local guide will be waiting for you at the designated meeting point, ready to kick-start your customized adventure in Seoul.

Located at 142-3 Sejongno, Jongno-gu, this convenient spot is easily accessible by public transportation. If you’d prefer, you can also arrange to meet at a centrally located hotel.

Your guide will be equipped with insider knowledge, ready to tailor the tour to your interests and preferences. Take a deep breath, and get ready to dive into the heart of Seoul with a local expert by your side.

With your guide’s expertise, you’ll navigate the city like a pro, uncovering hidden gems and making unforgettable memories along the way.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Seoul Like a Local: Customized Private Tour - Inclusions and Exclusions

Your Lokafyer takes care of the essentials, providing a local guide and a customized private walking tour tailored to your interests, leaving the rest up to you.


  • Local guide (Lokafyer)
  • Customized private walking tour


  • Personal expenses
  • Tips and gratuities (optional)
  • Optional activity costs
  • Food and drinks
  • Transportation to/from attractions (not included)

With these details in mind, you can focus on enjoying your personalized tour of Seoul, exploring the city like a local!

Tour Details and Logistics

Meeting at a convenient location and time, travelers can expect a seamless and personalized experience with their Lokafyer guide.

The tour begins at 142-3 Sejongno, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea, but travelers can request a pickup from a centrally located hotel.

Please note that the tour may end at a different location from the departure point.

The private walking tour will take place rain or shine, and travelers should be prepared for varying weather conditions.

With Lokafy’s flexible and personalized approach, travelers can rest assured that their tour will be tailored to their preferences and interests.

Traveler Information and Tips

As travelers prepare for their customized walking tour, they should come equipped with comfortable shoes, layers for unpredictable Seoul weather, and an open mind ready to absorb the city’s hidden gems and local insights.

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, travelers should also keep the following tips in mind:

  • Bring sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun
  • Don’t forget your camera to capture those Instagram-worthy moments
  • Be prepared for crowds and lines at popular attractions
  • Learn some basic Korean phrases to show respect for the culture
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your guide questions – they’re there to help!

Reviews and Testimonials

Seoul Like a Local: Customized Private Tour - Reviews and Testimonials

Three out of three reviewers rave about their personalized exploration of Seoul, praising the insider knowledge and tailored approach that Lokafyer guides bring to the table.

Reviewers rave about the ‘fantastic‘ and ‘informative’ experience, appreciating the guides’ flexibility in accommodating their interests.

One reviewer praises the ‘remarkable’ guide who shared ‘hidden gems‘ and ‘insider tips,’ making them feel like a local.

Another reviewer appreciates the ‘personalized attention‘ and ‘wealth of knowledge’ provided by the guide.

With a 5.0-star rating, it’s clear that Lokafyer’s customized tours have left a lasting impression on travelers, making them feel like they’ve truly experienced Seoul like a local.

Booking and Refund Policy

They book with confidence, knowing that Lokafyer’s flexible refund policy allows free cancellation up to 24 hours before the experience starts. If plans change, no problem! With Lokafyer, travelers can cancel or reschedule with ease.

Free cancellation is possible up to 24 hours before the experience starts.

If canceled less than 24 hours before the experience, the amount paid won’t be refunded.

Confirmation will be received at time of booking.

Price varies by group size, with a lowest price guarantee.

Full refund if the tour is canceled by Lokafyer.

Final Words

As she explores Seoul like a local, she’ll uncover the city’s hidden gems, navigating bustling streets and tranquil gardens with ease.

With a local expert by her side, she’ll experience the authentic Seoul, where tradition and modernity blend seamlessly.

This customized private tour is the ultimate way to discover the real Seoul, and with memories to last a lifetime, she’ll depart with a deeper understanding of Korean culture and a heart full of Seoul.

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