Get ready to explore the best of Jeju Island’s South Course on a private, customizable tour tailored to your interests! From marveling at the majestic Daepo Haean Jusangjeolli Cliff to hiking through Hallasan National Park’s scenic trails, this full-day adventure has it all. Enjoy a stress-free experience with hotel pickup, comfortable transportation, and a professional guide providing expert insights. With a customizable itinerary, this tour is adaptable to your pace and preferences. Want to know more about what’s included and how to make the most of your day?

Just The Basics

Full-Day Customizable Private Essential Jeju Island Tour for South Course - Just The Basics

• Explore Jeju Island’s natural wonders, unique attractions, and scenic trails on a customizable private full-day tour of the South Course.
• Visit iconic attractions like Hallasan National Park, Jeongbang Waterfall, Teddy Bear Museum, Daepo Haean Jusangjeolli Cliff, and Yeomiji Botanical Garden.
• Enjoy comfortable transportation, expert guidance, and personalized attention throughout the day, with flexible scheduling to suit your interests and abilities.
• Take breaks to savor local flavors with a provided lunch and stay energized throughout the day with tips on what to wear, bring, and expect from the tour.
• Benefit from a stress-free experience with logistical needs taken care of, wheelchair and stroller accessibility, and equal access for all travelers.

Tour Highlights and Options

Full-Day Customizable Private Essential Jeju Island Tour for South Course - Tour Highlights and Options

What makes this private Jeju Island tour truly unforgettable is the freedom to customize your itinerary with a range of exciting options.

From hiking in Hallasan National Park to exploring the breathtaking Jeongbang Waterfall, you can choose to marvel at the majestic Daepo Haean Jusangjeolli Cliff or wander through the whimsical Teddy Bear Museum.

For nature lovers, the Yeomiji Botanical Garden is a must-visit, while the Alive Museum offers a unique interactive experience.

Whether you’re an adventure-seeker or a culture vulture, this tour has a lot to offer.

With so many options to choose from, you can create your perfect day on Jeju Island.

What’s Included in the Tour

With a focus on comfort and convenience, this private Jeju Island tour includes a range of amenities and services to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. From the moment you step into the air-conditioned vehicle, you’ll feel taken care of. Your professional guide will escort you throughout the day, providing insights and anecdotes about the island’s hidden gems.

Inclusions Description
Air-conditioned Vehicle Comfortable transportation throughout the day
Professional Guide Expert insights and personalized attention
Entrance Fees Access to Alive Museum, Hallasan, Daepo Haean Jusangjeolli, and Jeongbang
Lunch Savor local flavors and recharge for the day ahead

Rest assured, all logistics are taken care of, from hotel pickup and drop-off to toll gates and taxes. Simply show up, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Pickup and Meeting Details

Full-Day Customizable Private Essential Jeju Island Tour for South Course - Pickup and Meeting Details

Hotel pickup and drop-off are available from most hotels, ensuring a hassle-free start to your private Jeju Island tour.

This convenient service saves you the hassle of navigating unfamiliar roads or finding parking.

When booking, be sure to provide your hotel details, including the exact address and contact number with the national code.

This ensures a smooth pickup experience.

Your guide will arrive promptly at 9:00 am to kick-start your adventure.

With this private tour, you can relax, knowing that all logistical details are taken care of.

Essential Information and Tips

Full-Day Customizable Private Essential Jeju Island Tour for South Course - Essential Information and Tips

Your guide takes care of logistical details, but it’s up to you to prepare for a fun-filled day on Jeju Island, so be sure to pack wisely and plan ahead. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

| What to Bring | Why |
| Comfortable shoes | For hiking and walking around attractions |
| Sunscreen and hat | To protect yourself from the sun |
| Power bank and portable charger | To keep your devices charged |
| Water bottle | To stay hydrated throughout the day |

Remember to check the weather forecast beforehand and dress appropriately. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the breathtaking views of Jeju Island!

Tour Schedule and Timeline

Full-Day Customizable Private Essential Jeju Island Tour for South Course - Tour Schedule and Timeline

On this full-day private tour, the clock starts ticking at 9:00 am, when your dedicated guide whisks you away to explore Jeju Island’s hidden gems.

With a flexible schedule tailored to your interests, you’ll have ample time to soak up the island’s natural beauty, culture, and attractions.

Expect a fun-filled day of sightseeing, with plenty of photo opportunities and breaks in between.

Your guide will ensure a seamless experience, taking care of logistics and ensuring you make the most of your time on the island.

With a customizable itinerary, you’re free to adjust the pace and focus on the activities that excite you most.

Whether you’re a nature lover, foodie, or thrill-seeker, this tour is designed to exceed your expectations.

Pricing and Booking Details

Full-Day Customizable Private Essential Jeju Island Tour for South Course - Pricing and Booking Details

Seven travelers or fewer can enjoy this private tour for $250.00, with prices decreasing as group size increases.

As the group grows, the cost per person drops, making it an affordable option for larger parties.

Booking is easy and convenient, with instant confirmation received at the time of booking.

A minimum number of travelers is required, and the tour is non-refundable.

However, with the Lowest Price Guarantee, you can rest assured you’re getting the best deal.

To book, simply provide your exact contact number with the national code and advise of any specific dietary requirements.

With a private tour tailored to your group’s needs, you’re ready to explore the beauty of Jeju Island in style.

Reviews and Testimonials

Full-Day Customizable Private Essential Jeju Island Tour for South Course - Reviews and Testimonials

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Customization and Accessibility

Full-Day Customizable Private Essential Jeju Island Tour for South Course - Customization and Accessibility

This private Jeju Island tour offers a customizable itinerary, allowing travelers to tailor their experience to suit their interests and abilities.

Whether you’re an adventure-seeker or looking for a more relaxed pace, this tour adapts to your needs.

The expert guide will work with you to create a personalized schedule, ensuring you make the most of your day on Jeju Island.

Plus, this tour is wheelchair and stroller accessible, making it an inclusive experience for all.

With a dedicated guide and air-conditioned vehicle, you’ll have everything you need for a stress-free, enjoyable day.

Simply let them know your preferences, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Final Words

With a day of adventure under her belt, she’s left with an unforgettable experience and a heart full of Jeju’s charm.

The island’s secrets are now hers to cherish, and the memories will linger long after the plane takes off.

As she departs, she’ll know that this private tour was the perfect way to explore South Korea’s gem, and she’ll be counting down the days until her next adventure.

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